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because of exams, i may not be online just as much. main focus is on school.


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"You're an idiot, and troublesome, and I know you're still stuck with your feelings for him. But, no matter what happens I won't give up, because i'm an even bigger idiot. I love you."

Alex | 15 | Sweden

I like fictional characters that makes me cry. My mission is to protect Mamura Daiki at all costs.

Ao Haru Ride | Mabuchi Kou » Happy birthday Cami!

Edited and Colored by ❤

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"Delicious, isn’t it? Delicious, isn’t it, Haruhi? Good."



*tries to talk*

*gets ignored*

“you should talk more!”

Josh is so amazing for someone so young. He’s got so much in his head and his heart, and the fans love him. I’d work with him again anytime. Maybe someday soon he’ll direct me.

the secret world of arrietty – scenery

As the days stretched into weeks, Harry began to suspect that Ron and Hermione were having conversations without, and about, him. Several times they stopped talking abruptly when Harry entered the tent, and twice he came accidentally upon them, huddled a little distance away, heads together and talking fast; both times they fell silent when they realized he was approaching them and hastened to appear busy collecting wood or water.

Harry could not help wondering whether they had only agreed to come on what now felt like a pointless and rambling journey because they thought he had some secret plan that they would learn in due course. Ron was making no effort to hide his bad mood, and Harry was starting to fear that Hermione too was disappointed by his poor leadership. In desperation he tried to think of further Horcrux locations, but the only one that continued to occur to him was Hogwarts, and as neither of the others thought this at all likely, he stopped suggesting it.

Autumn rolled over the countryside as they moved through it. They were now pitching the tent on mulches of fallen leaves. Natural mists joined those cast by the dementors; wind and rain added to their troubles. The fact that Hermione was getting better at identifying edible fungi could not altogether compensate for their continuing isolation, the lack of other people’s company, or their total ignorance of what was going on in the war against Voldemort.

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